Dr. DiSilvio's work speaks for itself. Below is a variety of Before & After pictures of our patients.

Patient #1:   Porcelain Veneers


Patient #1 complained about the appearance of their teeth.  Dr. DiSilvio used Porcelain Veneers to close the diastemas (gaps in the teeth), making the teeth appear even and straight with no spaces.

Patient #2:   Whitening


Patient #2 was happy with her teeth, but noticed they were starting to discolor over time. Dr. DiSilvio performed Laser Bleaching to bring the patient's teeth back to her desired bright white shade.

Patient #3:  Removal of Stains & Hypocalcifications


Patient #3 was unhappy with the brown spots on her teeth due to excess fluoride. Dr. DiSilvio used microabrasion and cosmetic bonding to improve the look of the teeth for a more even appearance in color.

Patient #4:   Cosmetic "Bonding" & Whitening


Patient #4 had excessive staining from years of heavy smoking. Dr. DiSilvio first whitened the teeth, then re-shaped the teeth by using cosmetic bonding for a more aesthetic look. 

Patient #5:   Porcelain Crowns


Patient #5 presented with worn and fractured edges from years of bruxism (teeth grinding). Dr. DiSilvio prepped the teeth and made porcelain crowns for the front 4 teeth to restore the patient's smile back to their normal tooth structure.


Patient #6-   Non-Prep Laminate



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